Seminario Internacional "El Pulso Respiratorio"

 Presidente fundador y Autor científico Américo González-Bogen. M.D. Prof


Caracas June 2001


In Defence of Fundamental Rights to Life and Health




Invitation to Participate on the Scientific Study and Discussion of New Scientific Understanding of the Living Beings, prototype Human Specie


My recent discoveries of Aetiology and Pathogenesis of Functional Respiratory Diseases, of great morbidity and mortality, about which the contemporary medical sciences recognize in Congresses and concerned papers, do not know them, are demonstrations which must lead to do the best to understand the advances in knowledge, I have developed during more than thirty years and, in a systematic manner, from 1978 on, when I discovered the Resultant of the pulmonary dynamics on its pleural surface, which is unequivocal proof of the Lung being an mechanically active organ, thus contrasting the traditional beliefs of the lung as a passive organ, motorized by the Diaphragm.


The pathologies in reference are


  1. Pulmonary Emphysema (fourth cause of death in some statistics)
  2. Acute High Altitude Sickness. Acute High Altitude Pulmonary and cerebral Oedema and in general Visceral Oedema.
  3. Harms produced in medical practice due to application of wrong concepts and technologies (Iatrogenia)


It is time, giving the conceptual and practical maturity of my contributions to knowledge and medical practice, to overtake the existent barriers with sustainable propositions and technologies.


Half time ends


Creation of University Cathedras for study, deepening and widening of new concepts relatives to the Natural Conception of the Living Beings for, maintenance of Created Life in the Habitat of their Natural Adaptation.


Departing point


To analyse and discuss the interpretation of Autonomic Mechanics of the Lung, as I have developed it, to carry on four concrete, fundamental and complementary objectives, to integrate each individual in itself and of it with Universal Dynamics by means of the Earth Atmosphere



  1. Periodical renewal of a volume-mass of atmospheric air (Pulmonary ventilation
  2. Gas exchange with the blood (pulmonary respiration)
  3. Pulmo-Cardio-Circulatory balanced cyclic integration (The living being is a Mechanical System of fluids)
  4. Dynamic-functional balanced cyclic integration of the Living Being with the Universal Dynamics in the very moment of birth


Conformation of panel for study and reasoned discussion, with logic and scientific rigor and with the compromise of producing reasoned conclusions


This panel should be conformed by a multidisciplinary, selected people, with wide capacity to know, analyse and discuss concrete mechanical facts, such as graphs of pressures/ time, (Respiratory Pulse and derived parameters), emphasizing the following facts.

  1. Methodic analysis of the different inflexions of the pressure waves and space-temporal sequence. Conclusions.
  2. Analysis of the conditions in which the generators of pressure variations of the graphs in study are detected. Conclusions
  3. Interpretation of the kinematics of the structures generating the dynamics in study. Conclusions.
  4. Comparative study of various simultaneous parameters. Conclusions
  5. Physiological analysis e interpretation of the physical facts in study. Conclusions
  6. Physical integration, with mathematical exactitude of the Living Organism with Universal Dynamics as it manifests in the Atmosphere of the natural habitat of species and individuals
  7. Newtons’ Inertial Principle; F = m.a. the mass of air per volume unit  as a physic-natural factor for adaptation and integration of species and individuals.


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Américo González-Bogen.


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