Seminario Internacional "El Pulso Respiratorio"

Presidente fundador y Autor científico Américo González-Bogen. M.D. Prof

 MESSAGES 2001 # 2

Caracas June 2001


               In Defence of Fundamental Rights to Life and Health




We Declare the year 2001 Year of Scientific, Rationale and Legal Actions for Eradication of Pure Pulmonary Emphysema


Pure Pulmonary Emphysema can be eradicated from Earth in only two or three decades, with a rationale, scientific and Legal contemporary planning and Actions







Pure Pulmonary Emphysema is known as a chronic, long lasting and irreversible destructive process of the finest structures of the Lung.


Neither its aetiology nor its pathogenesis is known.


Cigarette smoking is statistically considered a "risk factor"


Pulmonary Emphysema shows a prominent position among causes of death all over the world and both its morbidity and mortality advances with the time.




The reason why the scientific-medical Establishment has been unable to define the Aetiology and Pathogenesis of Pulmonary Emphysema roots in the fundamental fact that any reasoning directed to their interpretation is based on the traditional theory of the Respiratory Function, which considers the Lung a passive organ, mainly motorised by the Diaphragm and Intercostal muscles.


I discovered, in 1978, the Resultant of the cyclic dynamics of the Lung on its pleural surface, unequivocal proof of its autonomic dynamics. I named this Resultant "Respiratory Pulse" by analogy with arterial and venous pulses, since their physiological meanings are similar.

Afterwards, I have been dedicated to interpret this cyclic dynamics and complex organic and Organo-physical integration


I devoted the year 1999 to study the current knowledge about Pulmonary Emphysema and the sense in which related researches are addressed, contrasting these from the new perspective of the Lung as a mechanically active autonomous organ




The Pulmonary structure obeys to a mechanical elastic design, whose resistance is relative to cyclic dynamic performances, in response to airway's smooth muscles contracting forces, under Autonomic Nervous System command, between physiological limits, to achieve specific and integrating functions.


I proved, twenty years ago, that pulmonary lobular bronchioles work under Sympathetic Adrenergic command, in parallel with the Heart, necessary condition to enable pulmo-cardiac dynamic integration and thus uniform balanced gas exchange with the blood


Factors altering this dynamic balance convey proportional consequences.




Pure Pulmonary Emphysema is a Chronic Physio-pathological process characterised by systematic increase in rhythm and force of contraction of the muscles of the lobular bronchioles, under altered Sympathetic-Adrenergic control.


Dynamic effects of increased force and rhythm of bronchiolar muscle contraction, on the contained air mass, produces progressive distension, elongation, and rupture of structural fibres, dilation of cavities, rupture of alveolar walls and septum.

This structural damage conveys critical problems in pulmonary air and blood circulation, leading to pulmonary insufficiency and Chronic Cor Pulmonale


Systematic long lasting administration of any Adrenergic mimetic positive drug is able to produce the above-explained destructive process, hence, to produce Pulmonary Emphysema


It is well known the narrow relationship between Pulmonary Emphysema and cigarette smoking. It is also well known that tobacco contains Nicotine and Nicotine is a potent positive Adrenergic drug. Hence, we can infer that Nicotine is a potential cause of Pulmonary Emphysema.


Cigarette smoking habit offers optimal conditions to supply Nicotine systematically, since each act of smoking means inhalation of one dose of Nicotine. Effects produced by each dose are summed on time, resulting continuous if one considers that inhaled Nicotine-effects lasts about 30 minutes, to which must be added similar effects due to cigarette smoke recycling.


Cigarette smoke content in Nicotine makes any person in contaminated environment a "passive smoker"




Stop smoking guarantees new generations total prevention; effective prevention for those not yet initiated as well as for those smokers of medium age. This also is a guarantee for stopping the process in evolution for any and all others with different degree of Emphysema also giving possibilities of functional compensation.



·        Invitation to participate to all Organisations and Institutions, public and private.

·        Proof or contrast of the new scientific concepts developed and proposed by the Author

·        Education and persuasive campaign, under common action.

·        Special Legislation

·        Special programmes for Lyceums, Universities and Institutes for medical and paramedical studies

·        Creation of the Chair "The Respiratory Pulse" focussing the Global Dynamics of the Organo-Physical Nature to enable adaptation and permanence of Living Organisms, prototype Man, in the Atmosphere of the Earth.


For complete information I invite everybody to visit our scientific web site




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I look forwards to hearing from you



Américo González-Bogen M.D. Prof. ®

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Av. Universitaria. Ed. Caribana # 43

Valle Abajo. Caracas 1040. Venezuela

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Caracas, 2001-06-27