Seminario Internacional "El Pulso Respiratorio"

Presidente fundador y Autor científico Américo González-Bogen. M.D. Prof




Crusade at the Beginning of this Century and Millennium in defence of Created Life in Health



This crusade is defined by means of a better scientific knowledge of the autonomous mechanics of the Lung, leading to promotion of necessary rectification in medical teaching and practice, as in Health policy



The Lung is the less well-known organ by contemporary medical sciences


The autonomous pulmonary dynamics to achieve its specific function, in integration with the Atmosphere and the cardio-circulatory mechanics, has not been well interpreted by science. Therefore, this is the vital function most mishandled by medical practice, as well as in every day life


Two traditional beliefs define the pulmonary mechanics in the present:


1.      The Lung is a passive organ.

2.      The Lung is motorised by the Diaphragm


The discovery of a pulse on the surface of the Lung "Respiratory Pulse" carried out by me, in July 17 1978, is unequivocal proof of the Lung accomplishing a complex autonomous cyclic mechanics to achieve its specific function


I have interpreted and proved this activity ever since, with contemporary scientific rigour.

Consequently, the Lung has become, for the sake of knowledge, an organ provided with autonomous activity, leader in the general balance of vital functions, in integration with Universal Dynamics.


Contemporary medical practice, when ignoring the autonomic activity of the Lung has misunderstood the Respiratory Function, creating false definitions, some of which have led to wrong interpretation of biological and pharmacological products effects, sometimes with fatal consequences


It is compulsory, in the dawn breaking of the third millennium of our era, to assume with courage, the task of necessary rectification derived from these discoveries



New contemporary scientific truth concerning Created Life and its maintenance in Health, must shine over any other established interests



NEW PARADIGM. The Lung is a mechanically active autonomic organ. The smooth muscles of the bronchi, bronchioles and extra-pulmonary airways are generators of necessary forces, to perform cyclic integrating actions and reactions, under Vagus and Sympathetic command. This cyclic dynamic performance, with own rhythms, leads to the intake of an atmospheric mass of air, its displacement, organic adaptation and balanced distribution among the alveoli, to achieve gas exchange with the blood. Displacement of the used air towards the Atmosphere and its renovation follows.


The air-mass per volume unit, at the level of our natural adaptation is the physic natural factor enabling maintenance of created life in health



In the light of this paradigm, I recently discovered and interpreted: the Aetiology of Pulmonary Emphysema and its correlated Pathogenia. The Aetiology and Pathogenia of Acute High Altitude Illness.


Formerly, I had interpreted several reasons for complications in medical practices such as Respiratory arrest. Postoperative Decerebration. Sudden death through Adrenaline injection and so on


Today's medical sciences face a well-defined dilemma and, its sole alternative is to reflect on and promote the necessary rectification. To carry it out, there is today a well developed Corps of Doctrine created and published by me, which only lacks confirmation for its application. All on behalf of Mankind


Learned people integrating the Medical Corporations, Universities, Academies, Organisations with responsibilities in design and implementation of Health policy, Defenders of  Human Rights to Life and Health, must feel obliged to promote the development of  compulsory rectification. The convergence of efforts seems to be the most reasonable way at our disposal


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